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Picked-Up the Transmitter on 8/2/2008

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Last updated 05-16-09 -- SEE PROGRESS LINKS BELOW

Original History of the Transmitter:

The Gates/Harris BC-1H was the main transmitter for WROV-AM, Roanoke, VA. when they went off the air. The transmitter is SN 90622, and had replaced a BC-1T that had been the main transmitter, and later became the back-up. My friend KC9CEZ has that unit, and is working on restoring it as well.

Keep an eye on the restoration progress by following the links below!

Here is a picture (Courtesy of Pat Garrett, formerly of WROV) of the day the BC-1H was removed from the station.

The transmitter building was literally being torn down around them as this picture was snapped!.

You can learn the complete history of WROV at: http://www.wrovhistory.com/

Restoration History:

Day 1 = Delivery - 8/3/2008

Day 2 = Disassembly Begins = 8/4/08

Day 3 = Disassembly Continues = 8/4/08

Day 4 = MAJOR Disassembly Continues = 01/03/09

Day 4 through X = Restoration Update = 01/17/09

Big Iron Friends From the BC-1H - Updated Regularly!

FULL Schem of the Audio Section!

01-29-09 Update- before & After, Section by Section!

02/16/09 - Rebuild Update!

03/02/09 - Progress Update!

03/08/09 = Paint Day!

03/17/09 = Latest Update

03/22/09 = Update for the week

05/16/09 = Transmitter Room Prep is Underway!

02/13/2010 = Transmitter Room Prep is DONE!


The Spec Plate from My BC-1H


My "Things to do list" until I'm finished with this project!


Links of Interest:


!Yahoo Group page for "Commercial Transmitters 4Ham Use"