N3EAQ's Bio & History..........


Just a little info about N3EAQ.

I started my career as a Broadcast "on-air personality and station engineer" in my home town of York, PA. This was a great vocation during my High School and university years at Penn State, where I got my EE in 1984, and my first ticket as a Tech, but after graduation, I moved into the world of Datacom and Telecom engineering and QA. While in the broadcast business I was "Mike Hunter" and worked for stations in South Central PA.

But, as fun as it was, I was off to the world of computers, phones, and data. I started my career with GTE Communications Systems, and it was my job to test new computerized central office switches all over the East coast, and Mid-West. After a few years of living out of my suitcase, I moved to New Jersey and got into the consulting business. During my stay in Jersey I worked on multitudes of projects for AT&T Communications, Siemens, Bellcore, Bell Labs, and Martin Marietta/FAA. 

In 1992 my father fell ill and I moved back to York, PA. and took a contract with Westinghouse ESG on a Sat-Com project. One interesting part of that job was that I wound up living, for about a year, in Ottawa Canada, where I installed and tested the ground system for our end customer Telesat Canada.  During this same period I started my own ISP Co. in York, named Keystone Information Access Systems. It was almost 24x7 work, on top of my "Day Job" at the "Circle Bar Dubya". 

After my father passed, I moved to Reston VA. and took up contracting there for a lot of Datacom and Telecom companies that ring the DC Beltway. After about 4 years I closed and sold off Keystone I. A. S. as an ISP entity. It was no longer possible for a small operation to compete with the Phone and CATV companies.

In 1997 I got tired of being a hired gun, and took a permanent position with Telogy Networks in Germantown MD. As Director of QA. At this small start-up I spent 5 years turning their tiny VoIP testing department into a world class QA set-up for their whole line of VoIP products. Ultimately we were purchased by Texas Instruments, and I moved on. While at Telogy/TI I set up residence here in Charles Town, WV. I was tired of condos, on top of townhouses, on top of strip malls, next to interstates. I needed a little space, fresh air, and peace.

After TI I bounced around on a few short contracts and finally wound up as Director of QA and Support for another tiny start-up, Cognio Inc. After 3 years of helping Cognio perfect their Microwave RF Spectrum Analysis and fingerprinting product they were bought by Cicso Systems, and I moved on again. I went back to working in Northern VA. for yet another Start-Up, again as Director of QA, a messed-up internet commerce company trying to help it become successful in the same way I've helped the others I've worked for! Unfortunately, as with many companies, they just wanted to proclaim the mantle of QA, without "really" practicing it! So, in Feb. of 09, I left there too.... In January of 2010 I began work with a radio design and mfg. Co. in Maryland and work as the test lead on their public service LMR & LTE projects. In February of 2014 I went to work for another start-up that did pretty much the same thing as Cognio, but they floundered, and I got laid off after only 6 months.

So, as of now I'm the "Test Architect" for a major Sat-Com Co. in No. VA. and I'm helping them integrate and test components into their new 3 billion dollar satellite network!


In my time as a "ham" I've used a lot of different rigs and modes. I started out with a Heathkit DX-60 which grew to a DX-100B, and then a SB101-201 SSB Xmit/Rcv pair.

I moved up to an appliance rig with my first, off the shelf, Kenwood TS-440S. Mind you I was doing all my bouncing around during this period, so having an antenna, 

and decent facilities was a rare commodity, and luxury! Since I was always renting townhouses and houses. I usually wound up hiding dipoles in attics and verticals in trees.

I was always fond of 50MHz and up SSB operation, satellites, and AM operation on HF. 


Once I moved to WV, and into my own house with decent property and facilities, I really started building up my station. I sold off all the Heath equipment, and my Kenwood all 

mode 2m rig, and bought a Kenwood TS-870 for HF, and a Yaesu FT-847 for 50MHz and up/sat work. The Yaesu was a piece of junk, so I moved up to a Kenwood TS-2000.

Just recently I bought a New Ten Tec Orion II, and moved the TS-870 to my standby HF rig. Since I originally wrote this bio I've sold off all of the Kenwood HF gear, and the

Ten-Tec too. I've finally settled on "just" the Elecraft K3 as my HF solution, and a Yeasu FT-736R for everything above 6M.


You'll usually find me on 50MHz and up either in SSB or on our club's repeaters. On HF I generally hang out on 20M, but in the evenings like to check into the Virginia Phone Net

on 3947 in the 75M band.


I could go on, and on, but I think this will give the reader a taste of who I am, and where I come from. I've been happily married to my wonderful wife Elena since June 2002, and

she does a good job of tolerating my ham operations :-)

73 - Catch you later, on the bands! - Mike - N3EAQ.............