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Received the kit in the mail on 01/11/2011

Will update as I go! 

Last updated 01-15-2011 -- SEE PROGRESS LINKS BELOW

Project Details:

I've been interested in SDR for a while now, and since working with the Orion II, and the K3 which may be classified as semi, or psudo - SDR radios by some, it has helped build my interest in this arena. Also, working with a company that specializes in SDR technology has further peaked my interest in the subject, thus I've decided to go the whole way and add the Genesis-G59 SDR to both my project collection, and my radio collection. PLUS, I am saddened by the complete lack of project oriented amateur radio, and appliance only operation. Perhaps I can lead by example, and help return amateurs to the forefront of experimentation.

So, welcome to my latest project, and as usual, my web chronology of all the activities associated with it. I hope some find it motivating, useful, or at least, interesting!

Mike - N3EAQ

The selling points of the Genesis - G59 - SDR $359.00 in Kit form! (From their web site...)

This is a bold claim but we're part of a group of dedicated builders, talking from our own experience, who are convinced that the Genesis G59 is the best performing SDR kit for the money currently available to amateur radio operators.

The G59 is an all-mode 160-6m SDR transceiver with 10mW of output power. The output is boosted to 10W with the GPA10 linear amplifier.

Building and operating your own equipment is still the ultimate goal of amateur radio, and Genesis will give you exactly that: Fun to build, fun to operate! There are so many things you can do with it, from regular 2-way Morse contacts, phone, digital modes like PSK, to RTTY or WSPR - Truly, the list of activities for which you can use your G59 is practically endless!

If you're into QRP, DXCC chasing or serious contesting, the G59 will deliver unparalleled performance you won't find in much more expensive analog radios.
Do not underestimate this kit based on its low price - This radio is a serious performer that will give you many hours of on-air enjoyment!

The hardware and software required to get you On-Air:
G59 transceiver, GPA10 amplifier, quality SDR suitable sound card, a fast PC running Windows XP and the GSDR software.

Key specifications

adjustable synthesizer with 1Hz step, IIP3 32-35dBm,
MDS: -116 to -122dBm (RF preamplifier ON: -132 to -134dBm.).
RX Sensitivity is 0.15-0.2uV for 10 dB S/N ratio and max S/N measured ratio is 70dB.
Image rejection is from -35dBc to -50dBc (hardware) or better than -80dBc (hardware + software). SFDR (Spurious free dynamic range) is 93-100dB or over 100dB for G59C.
Receiver 1dB compression point is + 10dBm.
Second RX antenna input.

G59 output power: 10mW, GPA10 output power: adjustable 0-10W.
Carrier suppression is from 45-60dBc (hardware).
TX Image Rejection is from -35dBc to -50dBc (hardware) or better than 60dB with GSDR software.
G59 has built-in microphone preamplifier, IAMBIC keyer with CW monitor.

Project Timeline:

Day 1 = Delivery - 01/11/2011

Day 2 = It's The BOM - 01/15/2011

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