Audio Processing Chain 

Monitoring and Recording

Click Here For Audio Set-Up Schematics

Here are some pics of the Shack's audio Set-Up


The Audio out for the room....

TWO Adcom GFA-555's One Left, One Right on Mono! . The 2nd Adcom was fixed, a bad power switch!....


They are feeding the 2 stacks shown below!!!!!!!


JBL Speaker Stack - LEFT

The "Stack" Consists of a L100T Studio Monitor, 4408 Studio Monitor , and J216A Studio Monitor .........

JBL Speaker Stack - RIGHT

Same "Stack" for the Right!!!!!!

Here are some pics of the House's general audio Set-Up


3x Bryston Amps One for Center, One for Front, One for Rear

A Mirage center speaker,

2x Mirage front speakers, 2x Mirage rear speakers!

AND a M&K 400W, Self-Powered Sub-Woofer!


See Below!